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Upskilling is the biggest necessity today for executives to deal with the challenges of a global economic downturn. In almost all industries across the globe, new skills are increasingly replacing the old ones. Professionals with unique capabilities who can deal with new-age business challenges are being preferred everywhere. Hence, the demands have shifted a lot over the years to future-proof executive skills to remain competitive in today’s work landscape. Leading edtech players like Jaro Education are the most preferred choice among millennials to use upskilling as a weapon in such struggling situations.

As demands are shifting exponentially and tomorrow’s enterprises are adapting to tech-based digital tools, learning new technologies is not only a new trend today but is the most essential requirement. The context here will also revolve around the major key shifts in the executive education landscape. The objective will remain to guide professionals to consider this shift and the importance of upskilling during the economic downturn. We’ll also help our readers to find the best learning platforms and how they help executives to adapt to new changes in the recession.

Help Reducing Skill Gaps

Edtech players emphasize upskilling to motivate the existing workforce and  It makes them more capable by gaining expertise in high-demand skills like cloud computing, data analytics, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, blockchain etc.

Top players like Jaro Education allow participants the opportunity to equip themselves with future-ready skills and meet the changing demands of the organization. Today’s businesses require skilled talent as they also want to change and leverage technology to beat the competition. With upskilling, candidates always remain one step ahead to meet current market demands and are on their toes for handling approaching developments. It nurtures the skill gaps of candidates which they require the most to become agile in any organization.

Upskilling Helps in Focusing on the Right Business Growth Strategy

For leaders and CEOs, upskilling can be retrieved as a perfect opportunity to take advantage of a candidate’s aspiration. They can leverage this hunger to learn something new or exciting by allowing them opportunities to step ahead to take these initiatives and help reach the company’s business goals. In economic downturns, only a digitally savvy and tech-enabled workforce is able to help you out of that situation by helping you make the right decision and focusing on the right business growth strategy.

Upskilling makes candidates more adaptive to handle the biggest business challenges. During their training, they are mastered accordingly to get over these situations using their decision-making, management, soft skills, etc. They possess enhanced decision-making and problem-solving ability and help a business further develop growth strategies.

Shapes the Cognitive Skills of Students

In the competitive business landscape, organizations look for sustainable competitive advantage. They constantly hunt for proficient and capable leaders to handle modern business threats with the help of their innovative and unique approach. Upskilling enables professionals to reshape their personality, character, behaviour and cognitive skills. It helps them become future business leaders by imparting new-age skills with the help of enriched and enhanced curricula. In India, the current paradigm shift has developed the approach of Indian business schools and with the advent of rapidly growing players like Jaro Education, they have become highly motivated with innovative approaches towards business theories, models and frameworks.

Edtechs have redefined the theory-based approach of executive education in India. Now participants are high on cognitive skills and are effectively learning how to manage complex business challenges to steer an organization through difficult situations like economic downturns.

Leading Players Are Prioritizing Experiential and Reflective Learning

To match the standards and capabilities of global managers, leading players like Jaro Education in India are consistently coming up with revolutionary learning approaches. In India, the method of imparting executive education is still in a traditional nutshell and  major edtechs have emphasis on shifting the current paradigm.  They are focusing on giving this traditional approach a complete makeover by fixing learning gaps and introducing an innovative pattern of experiential and reflective learning. It is the need of the hour in India to prioritize the same pattern by moving away from traditional classroom-based methods.

A change in the existing paradigm will allow participants to enter into a comprehensive learning environment having a huge scope for accessing business-related challenges in a practical manner. With gamification, AR/VR technology, virtual classrooms, easy access to online course materials, e-library, etc., leading edtechs have set up the platform. By providing this alternative dimension to executive education, India’s fastest-growing edtech companies are proving to be the strongest pillars to equip working professionals with future-ready skills.

With the shift in paradigm, edtechs are increasingly becoming a popular choice among working professionals in India. They prefer connecting with renowned platforms like Jaro Education to leverage the platform to  connect with other participants and strengthen their networks. Peer-to-peer interactions act like a boon for online learners as it helps them get useful insights to boost their professional growth. With the growth of the Edtech sector, successful business managers are now emerging in huge quantities in India as well. They have the potential to leverage new-age skills to turn the tables amidst the global economic downturn.


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