The number of Instagram users continues to grow, and almost every online shop should be found on the platform.

But what’s the point of online presence without people following your account? Here are three tips to help you gain new followers without overstretching your marketing budget.

Dan Heller also tells you 7 mistakes you should avoid to attract your customers’ attention on Instagram and social media.

This is one way to increase your follower numbers.

However, this method is not advisable – just as it is not advisable to buy positive reviews.

Even if spam bots and dubious agencies promise you the best of luck, you should never buy followers.

It seems impressive if your online shop has 10,000 followers. However, it seems wrong if you only get a handful of likes per picture you publish.

Because a purchased fake following doesn’t interact with your content, they don’t like, comment, and, most importantly, never buy from you.

But that’s not all: As you, as an experienced entrepreneur, know, trust is one of the most important drivers on the Internet.

Instead of going this route, you’ll have more success in the long term by growing your follower numbers naturally.

Posting pictures, crossing your fingers, and hoping for new followers can work, but you can also use our three tips to accelerate your Instagram account’s growth.

Help chance

You can use Instagram relatively passively to post pictures and videos. Your target group may even find your account.

Instead, take action and give a chance a little help.

You want active followers who could become your enthusiastic customers.

Fortunately, these are relatively easy to track down.

  1. Find your competition and accounts in the same industry on Instagram.
  2. Click Subscribers.
  3. Now, you have a list of people interested in what you (and your competition ) offer.

Now, you can interact with the people on this list. This means you can like pictures and leave lovely comments.

This way, you can quickly generate attention for your online shop and reach potential customers who might have yet to hear of your shop.

Because everyone (apart from influencers with thousands of followers) is happy about likes or comments and checks who commented.

You should pay attention to this:

Your comments mustn’t look like spam.

It’s worth it if you take the time (about 10 to 15 seconds) and leave a comment that’s more than just a heart emoji or a great picture.

Try humor, sincere compliments, and helpful comments that make you stand out.

It would help if you also remember that Instagram is a casual social platform.

This allows you to communicate differently (and more freely) with your customers, which is recommended to ride the wave of the platform.

So, make sure that your comments relate to the image. Generic mass comments will get you nowhere.


An Instagram post is classically structured like this:

The image or video

A text that has something to do with the image


Similar to search terms on Google, hashtags make Instagram posts more discoverable by people who don’t follow you.

Users searching for #motorcycle will find pictures and videos of motorcycles.

Hashtags are a tool that should be used to gain followers.

Any word can be a hashtag, but you should ensure that your chosen hashtags fit your image, online shop, and brand.

So, if a user searches for the hashtag #motorcycle and discovers a post from your account that doesn’t show a bike but golf clubs, this will not have a positive effect.

True to the Schuster motto, stick to your last. It would help to choose hashtags matching your online shop and the products.

This is the only way to gain loyal followers in the long term.

As with search engine optimization, or SEO for short, some terms are highly competitive, and others are less.

General terms like #love, #fun, and #fashion are among the highly competitive terms.

If your posts don’t regularly generate several thousand likes, there’s little chance you’ll be able to gain much attention through these hashtags.

Less competitive hashtags are usually industry-specific (such as #golfclubs, #puttingwedge, and #drivingrange) and can potentially attract genuinely interested followers.

Who is looking for #drivingrange without being interested in golf?

The first tip is also used for hashtags. Searching for relevant hashtags for your shop and interacting with them is also advisable.

Be the friendly shop next door

I am speaking of interacting. This is the third tip. It’s essential to post regularly – preferably daily!

But if you want to win loyal fans, followers, and actual customers, you have to do more than that.

This doesn’t end once you’ve gained someone as a follower. This is precisely when it makes sense to stay on the ball.

See it this way:

Someone has noticed your Instagram account, your posts are appealing, and the new fan decides to follow you, like, and comment on your pictures precisely what you want.

Leave the comments under your posts unanswered. Otherwise, your fans will quickly feel ignored and unappreciated.

You should also make sure to respond to posts in which you have been tagged.

This could, for example, be a picture of happy customers and the product purchased in your shop.

More than a handful of customers also use the social media channels of brands and online shops to ask support questions.

It’s also essential to address this – whether you refer your customers to customer support or respond directly to Instagram doesn’t matter.

7 mistakes to avoid on Instagram

Now that you know what to do to build a successful Instagram account, we also want to tell you what to avoid.

They don’t have an emotional message: what feelings and impressions do you want your customers to get when they look at your profile?

You are not activating your fans: Make sure you actively address your followers and fans and ask questions.

They show no personality: Even a “normal” online shop can have a personality. Show your face (and that of your employees) and your character. Be more than a run-of-the-mill shop.

Unreliability is a no-go: more than posting occasionally is needed. Create a content plan and stick to it. Only by posting regularly will you stay present with your following.

You are not grateful: You cannot take your fans for granted. Put in the effort and find out what your customers want to build more reach. Show gratitude for comments and story mentions.

You don’t use the different formats: Carousel, video, and the new Reels are an excellent way to build your reach and add a little variety to the feed. Use it!

Show results and customer reviews:┬áSo that your fans and customers understand that you don’t just promise the blue sky, you also have to back up your promises with evidence.


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