Understanding Digital Forensics with Trojan Hunt India

The present scenario of the digital world is changing so fast. A lot of crimes are taking place digitally and making things difficult. This is the point where digital forensics comes into the light. It is a branch of forensic science. This is used to deal with recovering, identifying, investigating, and securing digital evidence and data while maintaining legal standards. Today, there are many digital forensic service providers such as Trojan Hunt India. These providers are helping businesses keep their data safe and protected from digital predators.

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What is digital forensics?

The term “digital forensics” covers different technologies that consist of digital data. When something happens digitally, the device is considered a crime spot. The digital forensics investigator will try to locate the access, data, deleted files, etc. while investing things.

Currently, there are mainly two groups that use this service a lot:

  • Incident response teams in firms: These teams address the issues such as cyber-attacks, phishing, ransomware, and data breaches. They offer possible and adequate remediation for the problems that occur.
  • Law enforcement: Whenever there is something related to the acquittals or convictions of a suspect, these agencies utilize digital proofs. It can involve different cases including murder, civil, and property issues.

Different tools of digital forensics

The tools used by digital forensic investigators and companies such as Trojan Hunt India include hardware-based as well as software-based. With the help of these tools, one can easily monitor devices and maintain the data’s integrity at the same time.

Below are some standard digital forensics tools:

  • Tools for file analysis
  • Tools for network analysis
  • Analyzer for database
  • Tools for registry
  • Tools for data capture
  • Scanners for emails
  • Scanners for mobile devices

This is just an indicative list of tools that are used by a service provider. You should consult with the digital forensic investigator about the tools that they will use for the process.

Different types of digital forensics

Based on the investigation and its focus area, there will be different types of digital forensics. Some popular types include the following:

  • Electronic discoveries

Also called e-discoveries, it is associated with data processing, analysis, and preservation. This type is highly used in a legal or regulatory context.

  • Data analysis

This type of digital forensics is used to deal with unequivocally organized data. It includes digital forensics investigators and data analysts to find out the issues associated with financial fraud and related aspects.

  • Incident responses

Utilized for corporate issues, it aims at ensuring the reduced impact of data breaches, cyber-attacks, and several other similar issues. Most organizations keep an internal team for this but professionals can also be outsourced from a company like Trojan Hunt India.

  • Computer forensics

This particular type involves assessment, collection, and analysis of the computer systems that are being used for storage and computing.

  • Network forensics

Today, computer systems are connected through a network, especially in organizations. Hence, this forensics type analyzes the networks, network traffic, patterns, etc.

  • Database forensics

In this type, data analysis as well as extraction is included. The investigator usually checks the data that is stored by third-party providers.

Closing remarks

Some more types are also there that include disk forensics, memory forensics, cloud forensics, malware forensics, and email forensics. Depending on your organizational and digital safety needs, you can connect with Trojan Hunt India and opt for its professionally-curated services. You can also browse through its official website to see other digital safety and security services offered by this firm.

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